The ARMA Board is supported by a range of working groups and committees, that form ARMA’s governance structure. We encourage our members to get involved in our governance activities.

Finance & Governance Committee

Finance & Governance Committee has responsibilities for ensuring the sustainable operation of the Association and appropriate governance 

Professional Development Committee

Professional Development Committee sets the strategic direction for all professional development activities, informed by the work of relevant planning and working groups

Congress Planning Committee

Congress Planning Committee will ensure the successful delivery of the 2018 INORMS Congress. 

Stakeholder Engagement Committee

Stakeholder Engagement Committee is responsible for ensuring that the needs and expectations of internal and external stakeholders are clearly identified and understood. This means that the Association will be better placed to deliver an appropriate service to members and to identify and respond to opportunities.

Advocacy Group

Advocacy Group consists of senior professional colleagues, typically with substantial experience of participating in ARMA governance. The Group acts in an advisory capacity to the Board and assists in promoting the Association and the profession to external organisations in policy debate and formulation. 

SIG Forum

SIG Forum consist of the Special Interest Group (SIG) Champions and will guide the work of the SIGs as areas of interest emerge, evolve and wane, ensuring that the SIG network remains relevant to the changing needs of ARMA members. 

We have also introduced a new Member Forum. Details are still being worked out, but we hope that this will give our members a stronger voice in their Association, drawing together a group of member ‘representatives’ to generate and test new ideas, input to system and process developments, and to provide feedback on the member experience. The Member Forum will also operate as a virtual community through which any member can interact with the ARMA structure.

For more information on our committee structure, please contact Members can find terms of reference for each committee in the ‘Useful information’ section of their member profile. 

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