Professional development is at the core of ARMA’s mission. We developed our existing suite of qualifications back in 2013 and we’re delighted to have supported more than 125 students from over a dozen countries to successfully complete their Certificates. Since then, there have been significant changes in the research environment. The combination of political upheaval, economic constraints, and changing regulatory and policy frameworks means that the profession now requires a different set of skills. And that’s why we’re updating our qualifications. Click on the link for an update on the ARMA qualifications.

The CRM: Foundation and CRM: Advanced have been accredited by Awards for Training and Higher Education (ATHE) to Levels 3 and 5 Certificates respectively and are regulated by OFQUAL.

Our certificates

We’re developing two new certificates to start in October 2018:

  • Certificate in Research Management: Foundation. A new introductory-level Certificate, for those just starting in their careers. It covers the broad range of topics required for an entry-level understanding of research management.
  • Certificate in Research Management: Advanced. Following on from the Foundation, this Advanced course has been designed to provide an insight into the technical and professional skills needed in research management today. It looks in greater depth at the skills, roles and activities required for the profession and supports students to develop a broader view of the issues.

These sit alongside our current offering:

We’re also working on a new-look Leadership Certificate, to launch in Autumn 2019.

Areas of study

Foundation Advanced
  • Understanding research policy
  • Understanding research funding
  • Supporting research project and portfolio management
  • Supporting research culture
  • Research impact and public engagement
  • Supporting research policy and strategy
  • Equality and Diversity in Research Management
  • Research Governance
  • Managing a funding portfolio
  • Delivering results: people, systems and processes
  • Managing collaborations
  • Data for Decision Making

How do they work?

Our Certificates are offered on a self-guided basis. Students join a cohort of peers and work through each of the units with a mentor, their own line manager, their cohort, and their wider network. Students are expected to undertake some guided learning, with their mentor and through workshops and events. However, the majority of time will be spent on informal learning. Students will have access to online resources to help them start their research. They’ll also learn from workplace colleagues and from their peer network.Each Certificate is assessed through a series of units. Students will complete written or other forms of assignments to demonstrate their understanding. Successful completion means passing the required number of mandatory and, where relevant, optional units. Certificates can be completed in as little as six or nine months, although students can take up to two years.

Two different models of studies are available, suited to the requirements of the student:

➢ Pathway 1: includes a tailored workshop and supporting webinar for each mandatory module, and webinar support for the optional units. Students can access online resources. They may also attend other workshops to supplement their learning.

➢ Pathway 2: this is an online-only course, with webinar support available for all units and access to online resources. Students will be expected to attend relevant workshops to supplement their guided learning.

Ready to sign up?

We currently only have member-access to our certificates. If you would like to ask more questions about whether our certificates would be suitable for you and how you go about signing up, get in touch with qualifications@arma.ac.uk.

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