Research Ethics Training

Bespoke training in research ethics

As a result of Afre joining ARMA last year, we are pleased to confirm that the well-established training service has been preserved.  ARMA can provide bespoke sessions on topics in research ethics from short interactive lectures to full-day workshops.  These sessions will be of interest to ARMA members working in research and innovation departments as well as the wider research community including members of ethics committees and researchers.  ARMA can provide specialist trainers to meet the needs of universities and other organisations with an interest in research ethics; it welcomes requests from any organisation.  Recent examples of training requests include:

  • Preparing a research ethics application
  • What do ethics committees look for and why?
  • Research integrity and ethics
  • Research involving vulnerable participants
  • Information and consent
  • Internet-mediated research
  • REC procedures and frameworks
  • Confidentiality and disclosure
  • Incentivisation – coercion and inducement
  • NHS research – meeting HRA requirements

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