ARMA Supports New HEPI Report on underfunding of UK Research

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ARMA, the Association of Research Managers and Administrators, which represents the professional community supporting the development, production and dissemination of world-class research in the UK , has today put its support behind HEPI’s new report How much is too much? Cross subsidies from teaching to research in British universities.

ARMA’s Chair, Stephanie Bales said: ” UK universities and research institutes have for many years punched well above their weight when it comes to ground-breaking research. Our members are committed to helping our academic colleagues apply for research funding and manage their grants efficiently and effectively. Every day society benefits from outstanding discoveries and new technologies, findings which our members help to lift off the pages of the journal article and which help ensure the UK’s impressive position for achieving impact from research. But it can’t continue to happen without the necessary funding, and at £3.3billion, this figure is substantial. ”

ARMA Board member and Author of the document’s Foreward, David Coombe added: “HEPI’s report is a wake-up call to Government that the days of cross-subsidy are fast running out and that it must now put some substance behind its pledge to reach OECD levels of spending. For the UK to lose its international reputation for outstanding research at this critical juncture would be a disaster for the UK as this will be the keystone for this country’s future survival post-Brexit.”

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