Membership price increase 2018/19

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It’s coming round to membership renewal time again for many of our members and we’ll shortly be in touch with our membership group leader colleagues (for those institutions that have them) to kick off this process!

We have a new website offering more opportunity for our members to engage and contribute. We are refreshing and continuing our commitment to The Protagonist and we have established two new committees to drive our learning and development initiatives, form and maintain relationships with our partners and ensure that everything we do delivers maximum benefit for our members. We are increasing our involvement with, and our investment in, our Special Interest Groups. We are revising and improving our Qualifications programme and this spring relaunch our mentoring scheme and our study tour programme. More free Research Policy Fora are planned for this spring, as is a whole new suite of workshops and webinars. And our new Committees will see to it that this innovation doesn’t stop! For a quick reminder of what ARMA offers, check out our membership benefits.

Membership fee increase
To deliver all this and to ensure that ARMA remains sustainable, the Board has agreed to a small increase in our membership prices. This ensures that we keep pace with inflation, having held down our current rate since 2016. It allows us to deliver what we’ve said we would, while still enabling new initiatives, activities and opportunities for our members. Amounting to approx £5 per person, the new fees look like this:

Group memberships
Many of our members belong to a group within their institution. Groups renew each year on or before 1st April, so we will be in touch with our Group Leaders very shortly to discuss the new, improved process for group membership renewal.

Individual memberships
If you don’t belong to a group, we don’t need you to do anything at this stage! When your renewal date approaches, we will be in touch to invite you to renew. Many of our members renew on 1st April, some of our newer members will renew later in the year.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our membership benefits, get in touch at

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