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To give you an update on our new renewal process, we’ve put together the following information.

I became an Individual member or renewed between 1st April – 31st August 2017
As most of you will know, we moved to an exciting new website in September 2017! For those members who were with us from the old website, you would have reactivated your existing membership onto our new website to gain access. Due to systems constraints at the time, your reactivation confirmation would have advised an incorrect renewal date. You will be aware that your renewal is 1st April.

As this is the first time we’ve used our intelligent new system for renewal, we are renewing our memberships in batches, starting first with Group Memberships. Because it’s coming to the Easter break and we are getting our groups ready first, we’ll be issuing you with instructions on renewal at the end of April. Do not worry – we will not revoke your access to the website in this period. We are now moving onto a rolling membership model for our individuals so you’ll renew again exactly 12 months from whenever you decide to renew this year.

I became an Individual member after 31st August 2017 (new website members)
If you became an ARMA member after we published our new website, you are now officially a rolling member and do not need to do anything at this moment in time! You’ll renew exactly 12 months from your start date. When it is coming up to your time to renew, you’ll receive an email advising you when and how you renew your ARMA membership.

I am part of a Group Membership
If you are part of a group membership, your Group Leader is working with us now to set up your renewal and will soon be in touch to advise on how you complete this process.

We thank you for your patience in this process and look forward to connecting with you for another year!

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